Slimfy Review – My Insightful Take

By | January 16, 2017

Slimfy Review You Must Read Before Buying


Name: Slimfy


Overall Rank: 98

Who is it for: Everyone looking to loose weight and increase libido


Product and Price:

Stage 1 Detox and Weight Loss: $87.30 (£55.21)

Stage 2 Enhanced Weight Loss: $87.30 (£55.21)

Stage 3 Weight Loss Maintenance: $87.30 (£55.21)

These prices are, if you buy direct from the website.

Amazon prices are:

Slimfy Stage 1 – $97.00 (£61.35)

Slimfy Stage 2 – $97.00 (£61.35)


Its not always easy to lose weight these days and finding the right products, guides or recipes to help you lose weight has always been a challenge. But Slimfy claims you will definitely need a new pair of jeans after trying their products.

While this Slimfy review goes into detail of why it works, it also gives you an insightful take on their business process.


Purpose of Slimfy Review

In this Slimfy review, i intend to:

  1. Bring you an insightful take on why there is so much noise about the Slimfy weight loss program
  2. Explain their business process
  3. Reveal some proven statistics
  4. Explain how Slimfy product ordering works
  5. Sum up the Pros and Cons
  6. Give a cautionary note
  7. Summarize and review slimfy and give my verdict


Summary of Slimfy

The company (Slimfy) is located in Fort Lauderdale FL. The brands official aim is to “enhance the quality of life”. The ingredients contained in their products are :- Saffron Extract. Ginger, Green Coffee Bean, Milk Thistle, Hydrangea, Raspberry Ketone, CoQ10, African Mango, Green Tea Extract, Resveratrol, Lychee Fruit and Caralluma Fimbriata.

At this point, all you want to know is if Slimfy is THE solution to your weight problems? Well it all depends on trials and tribulations associated with trying to lose weight.

My research here indicates that a lot of folk do not agree with slimfy from the sales and marketing point of view, but a lot do find real solutions from actually using the products. Click Here for a special offer if you want to give it a try.

Slimfy weight loss supplement depends on three stages to help you complete the process of losing weight. These are :-

Stage One – Slimfy Weight Loss and Detox

Stage Two – Slimfy Enhanced Weight Loss

Stage Three – Slimfy Weight Loss Maintenance


  • Company contact details are readily available to anyone
  • 90 -day refund policy
  • Quantities of ingredient clearly revealed
  • Most of the ingredients has been tested scientifically
  • Their website is easy to navigate and product ordering is made simple
  • Claims to speed up fat loss, boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite, increase your libido, and energy as well as you being happy with the results.
  • Claims to utilize three kinds of formulations to help prevent your body from building a tolerance to the active ingredients.
  • You are encouraged to post picture before and after so you can see results as well as get refunds if need be.
  • There are no major side effects reported
  • There are people who actually reported weight loss results
  • People who are concerned about re-bill cycle were still able to cancel their payment agreement.


  • Expensive product although may not be a problem for those who really want to deal with weight problems for good.
  • The refund policy is only applicable to unopened bottles, though the terms and conditions clearly state that, meaning you have to read.
  • There are a lot of negative comments about their business side of things although those who experienced great results from using products are not complaining at all.


How Slimfy Product Ordering Works

Now this is very important as it’s the major area where complaints are coming from. Although there are not many complaints from the actual usage of the products as my research indicated.

According to their customer service department, “the shipping payment for the introductory Kit is only $4.77 for US customers and $16.29 for international customers. This is never advertised as trial.

They offer to give their customers a Free Stage 1 with this offer and all other information is provided on their website regarding payment. You can cancel this at anytime. Both Stage 1 and 2 will last for 60 days and you also have to pay for shipping costs.

You will automatically be re-billed for Stage 3 within 60 days after your initial order if you like the product and decide to continue to stage 3. If not, all you have to do is call back and request for cancellation of your order. Simple as that.

The terms and conditions are simple. Most folk who have complained on other sites I have seen either did not bother reading them up before purchasing or simply did not understand the terms and conditions agreement.

All this information is clearly indicated on their website.

Go Here for a Special Deal and start your journey to a successful weight loss from today!

You are not being charged anything in the beginning other than the shipping”. If any one needs more information on how this works you can always call them on a toll free 855-5SLIMFY (855-575-4639) or a local number +1 (305) 587-2230

Their Customer Services Department is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm Eastern standard Time


Is Slimfy Weight Loss Program Safe for Me?

Like any weight loss pill out there, any pill can cause side effects and some with greater or lesser side effects depending on the number of ingredients. The indication here is that it is safe but how ever watch out for these side effects:

  • Increased need to urinate
  • Nausea
  • Gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach upset or cramps

In addition i would like to point out that most side effects if not all may turn out to be a good sign that the product is actually working. And also these side effects are just usual when going through a detox cycle as you may remember.

For example:

Ingredients in Slimfy like green tea and green coffee bean extract contain certain amount of caffeine in them which may cause side effect especially to individuals who are highly allergic to stimulants.

But so far there are no official report on this effect and Slimfy is definitely not exempted.  Nevertheless, the great thing they have done in addition was to be very transparent on their website about all side effects and you can read them up at any time.


Cautionary Note:

  • Do not take if breast feeding or pregnant
  • Always seek a medical advice prior to taking
  • Avoid if you suffer from stomach problems already
  • Do not take if you are caffeine or stimulant sensitive
  • Always read the label and small print
  • If you are diabetic, do consult your doctor before use


My Verdict on Slimfy

I must say it has been quite an experience researching for this review. I came across comments on the internet about Slimfy that make a very interesting read. Some of them not fair enough and most of them quite good and honest comments from customers.

Most of the not so fair comments come from the pricing side of the business. And i must agree that the product is very Pricey. But what isn’t in life. Its Pricey because it is a quality product that actually does deliver great results and there are a huge number of customers who are very happy to testify just like below:-

slimfy review

Source: Amazon


slimfy review facebook

Source: Facebook

The statistics above are a simple fact that proves Slimfy is doing very well in delivering weight loss solutions across the globe. The 76 positive reviews with just 15 critical reviews to date from Amazon is just enough facts to send the message home.

Also the 25, 983 likes and counting on their facebook page is word enough to tell you that their product is working and delivering value.

Apart from been rated as one of top weight loss supplements in the USA, also evidenced from thousands of customers across the globe, the following reasons are why I will rate Slimfy “APPROVED” as a best buy:

  1. No known side effects reported
  2. The product targets three key areas (fat burning, detoxing, appetite suppression, energy, and maintenance)
  3. 90 days money back guarantee
  4. Works as seen on television
  5. All natural ingredients
  6. Thousands of satisfied customer can hardly be wrong.

I also noticed during my research that most people said they don’t get immediate results after taking the pills. I then noticed that Slimfy Stages involves three part stages process to complete the best results out come although this depends on your motivation to lose weight.

Example of Slimfy Stage One at work:

Slimfy Stage One  is just all about “Detoxing” and “weight loss“. Not sure about you but i believe hydrangea and milk thistle are highly needed in body detox process. Therefore making this stage all about Detox, no more no less.


Where To Buy Slimfy

You can buy Slimfy from various retailers and accredited online distributors but not your local weight loss or slimming out fit close to you. To take advantage of a better deal and enjoy a good discount, i will suggest that you purchase directly through Slimfy’s official website.

Please visit its official website by Clicking The Link Below to purchase Slimfy weight loss package that suits you.

Get Special Deal Plus Intro Kit Here

I hope this Slimfy review has helped answer most, if not all your questions?  If not please do leave me a comment below if you have any and i will do my best to get back to you immediately.

Also please don’t forget to help share this on your social network if you enjoy the article today.




The sole purpose of this post is not to make commission from sales. It is to help you understand what is out there that can help and how to go about it. The link here may lead to other posts on this website. Others may lead to vendor/s site and if purchases are made, a small commission will be made of which we are grateful. This helps to pay for things like research, hosting, security and other costs that helps keep this site running.




12 thoughts on “Slimfy Review – My Insightful Take

  1. Jenny

    Hi Richard,
    You have provided a very thorough review. Its not a product I’ve ever heard of before however I am familiar with other brands of weight loss pills.
    Have you used slimfy yourself?
    What were the results like?

    I have to say that I’m not a massive fan of this type of weight loss product but it can work for some people.
    All the best with your goals.

    1. Richard U. Post author

      Thanks Jenny for the comment.

      Personally no but i have a close mate of mine who has tried it. He is seeing amazing results already even though he is still on stage two at the moment. It motivated me a lot to write this review and helped my research as well.

      I also looked into their purchase process and it is pretty clear and simple what to do and how easy it is to order one. Their local and international shipping system is so simple that anyone in any part of the world can order one and still enjoy the 90 days money back guarantee as their website clearly stated.

      I also pointed out some cautionary notes on my review which are very important before taking. This includes to always consult your doctor before taking if example you are pregnant or has allergy issues.

      Also on my review i was able to provide all contacts numbers for any one to contact them for anything.

      Thanks again and i hope this helped answer your question.


  2. Gilbert Nunez Jr.

    There is definitely a lot of great information on this website regarding the slimfy product that is made for weight lost. It is definitely an interesting read and would for sure spark the interests of people to lose fat by taking this. I also think it’s good that you show reviews of the product as well as how many people have liked it.

    1. Richard U. Post author

      Thanks Gilbert indeed yes it is.

      Its a huge market with lots of conflicting opinions especially when it comes to how to lose weight products and services. The key is to dig deep and separate the good from the bad and this is why a good review can play a vital role.

      Not just any review but a thorough one and if you have seen the outcome of the product from someone you knew who has used it just like i have seen from a friend of mine, then you will be motivated to share the good news. And i also used a lot of social constructive as my major technique of researching for this which leaves a lot of room for further studies and findings.

      Yes i was able to bring people’s opinions to light by digging deep into the products market reaction. And i am glad i did because it shows obviously that the product is working and the Slimfy is delivering value otherwise there won’t be such a huge number of likes and positive review on both Amazon and social media.


  3. Simone

    I have spent hours researching weight loss products that actually work. I have also tried many products. Some have worked, while others have not. The ones that have worked allowed me to lose the unwanted weight, however, once I stopped taking them the weight all came back.

    A friend recently told me about slimfy. Her mom is using it and is liking the results. So I thought I might give this one a try (it will be my last). My big concern is that once I stop the program the weight will come back.

    I realize that you have not used this product yourself, however, you have done a lot of research. Did you read any complaints about the weight coming back on when people stopped the program?


    1. Richard U. Post author

      Thanks for the sincere comment and i appreciate that.

      I can deduce from your point that you have done a lot of trial and errors on your journey and it is really a great thing why because you are learning as you progress.

      Yes i have not used it myself but i have a close friend who is using it and he is already seeing some amazing results.

      I am currently researching your particular questions as it cuts across general phenomenon which includes eating well and staying fit.

      In your particular case i will say it has to do with habits and motivation to maintain those things you have achieved during your weight loss process.

      As luck will have it, Slimfy has three stages which starts with detoxing, metabolism and maintenance. I think the three stages will do you great and the last one which is maintenance is where the continuity stays. As for the comments or complaints regarding your concern, i have seen none. Which can only mean one thing, that Slimfy’s three stages is really delivering value to people across the globe.

      As your friend’s mom is a good example, you can do same and give it a try.

      I hope this helps today? Please let me if you have any more questions.


  4. Mara

    This sounds fine in theory but I think I would require a bit more convincing. Is the weight loss permanent? By that I mean, provided you eat sensibly after losing the weight, that it doesn’t pile back on. Or is it the case you need to keep taking the supplements? It does sound like Slimfy has a pretty good set of positive results, bearing in mind the comments you have shared. It’s always good to get others’ opinions on these things and see how widely they are used before embarking on a program. Interesting to consider this.

    1. Richard U. Post author

      Very good question there Mara and i can assure you that during my research i never come across anyone or reports of pile back weight after good results after using Slimfy products. Not anywhere and that goes a long way to suggest a positive out come which indicates good results and value delivery By Slimfy.

      Yes other people’s opinion can mean a lot in decision making especially when majority are testifying a positive results.

      Like you said, ” eat sensibly after losing weight, that it doesn’t pile back on” sound progressively good. Also the plus side is that Slimfy has taking care of that in their three stage program in which the last stage (the maintenance stage) will help you maintain your good result. Once you get into the last stage, your new found results will become a habit hence the maintenance.

      This i believe is why there hasn’t been any complain about weight pile back from folks who have tried the Slimfy weight loss program.

      I hope this helps today and sorry for my bit late reply. Let me know if you have any more question


  5. Wing

    That’s quite expensive for the entire program. When it’s broken up into stages and each stage cost close to a hundred dollars. But I guess with the promised result it’s well worth it. And the money guarantee doesn’t hurt either. Hopefully this is something that most people can use and stick to!

    1. Richard U. Post author

      No doubts indeed and like you said, most things in life are quite complex but for me i believe in true value over cost. Ones something works and is still working, it will be unfair not to share such news. Don’t get me wrong because there is no such thing as one formula solution to losing weight out there. What works for you may not work for your friend but when many folks out there are having good result from something that is working then i think it will be fair to give it a try.

      Thanks again for dropping by and do let me know your results.


  6. Karlo

    Slimfly seems like a great product for everyone who wants to lose weight fast. What I like about this product is that they offer 90 day refund and most of the ingredients has been tested scientifically. That means very much to me.
    Have a good day and thanks for sharing

    1. Richard U. Post author

      I am glad you found the post very helpful.

      Yes they have 90 days refund and most of the ingredients has been scientifically tested.

      Thanks for commenting.


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