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By | March 16, 2017

List Of Healthy Foods You Should Be Adding To Your List apple-19309__180



Raisin bran cereal (“high in Fibre”) is one of the healthy breakfast cereal you should be targeting on your breakfast list due to its natural fat free fruit contents.


  • Always read the ingredients on the labels.
  • Have a look at the Nutrition facts panel.
  • Pay less regards if the natural sugar from the fruit content is a bit higher because real fruits like banana and raisin are ok.

Milk – Fat Free Milk In Particular

fat free milk

Why Fat Free Milk ?

Because they are fat free and also our primary source of vitamin D and calcium which translates to healthy bones for everyone.


  • Much research indicates that low fat or non- fat milk can help reduce risks of heart disease and diabetics (Type 2).
  • Can be used to re-energise after exercises.
  • You can consume it by itself or you can used it with cereals, etc

Chia Seeds

cia seeds

The reason to pursue this healthy food is because they help guard against heart diseases, arthritis, and  inflammation as they are found to contain plant omega-3.  They can be consumed by gently scattering the seeds on a salad, cereals or even bread.

Meat – Lean Meat In Particular

lean meat

Meats are our best source of protein (high protein) and also magnesium, zinc, iron, vitamin A and vitamin E. Lean meats are less saturated in fats and cholesterol.


  • Remove all fats before cooking.
  • I would prefer grilling or roasting for maximum results.
  • For beefs, go for round steak, chunk shoulder or lion ( top to be precise).
  • Read label to make sure they are low in fats.
  • Keep it fresh during prepping and wash with clean cold water to maintain its natural state before cooking.



Tomatoes are very popular fruit that has contributed to many down line soup recipes all over the world.

Just at a mention of tomatoes alone can trigger a thinking which can generate 10 different kinds of soup recipes in 100 different cultures across the world put together.

That is how popular tomatoes can be.

Apart from popularity, what makes tomatoes so special are that they contains huge number of nutrients which includes vitamin A, C, and K.

Tomatoes also has been found to help reduce cholesterol and swellings and has been connected to contribute towards healthy heart.


  • Can be eaten fresh.
  • Can be mixed in a salad.
  • Can be used to make soup, stew, and hundred other recipes you can think of.
  • It can be added to anything eatable.

Kidney Beans


Kidney beans are great healthy food meaning they are  rich in iron and protein which makes it best meat exchange for vegetarians.

They are high in fiber which reduced cholesterols and are packed with magnesium and potassium which helps maintain blood pressure.


  • They are good energy food
  • Can be eaten after a thorough work outs for energy replenishments.
  • Great protein food source and good substitutes of protein for vegetarians
  • They are good for chili dishes and also vegetarian dishes.



Broccoli as we all know is a member of vegetable family that is beneficially associated with “against cancer” due to its botanical name (“cruciferous” if I am correct).

It looks freshly rich in a dish and it’s supper easy to prepare.


  • It is high in Fibre and hence great substitute for those who are not into raisin bran cereal for fibre supplements.
  • Can be used as weight loss food supplements.
  • It has been found to help lower heart diseases and control blood pressure to normal.



Obviously when you talk about dieting for weight relating reason and keeping physically fit, the first food item that comes into mind is apple. Or may be its just me !

Anyways, the point is that  apples’ are “the perfect diet food” of all times as many people knows and they contributes a lot towards our healthiness.

Much research indicates that contained in their skin are some compound that are super beneficial to our health. It can be enjoyed in many ways.

All you have to do is be a bit creative and there are various kinds of apples out there you can enjoy.



Again Bananas as we all  knew are high in fibre and are very popular foods on the go class of healthy foods which is enjoyed by probably everyone you now.

Most important characteristics of bananas are that they help us with proper digestive system and muscular functionalities.


  • They are great source of potassium which helps keep watch on our blood pressure.
  • They can be enjoyed in may ways. All you have to do is be a bit creative.
  • Example dish is a banana, kiwi, apple and strawberries with flying spray of chocolate for a perfect dessert as can be seen in the picture below;

banana, strawberries kiwi and orange




Salmon is one of the great healthy food class, my favourite kind of fish because it is very rich in omega-3 and vitamin D which helps keep our heart safe.

You can read my thorough indebt review about salmon and loch trout fish 0n my about healthy food page on this site.

Plus you can pick up a two or three recipes tips on how to cook and get the best out of it.

That is my way of saying thank for visiting my site.

Black beans


Black beans are very popular among different diets and are very cheap and less stressful to prepare.


  • They have few trace of omega-3 which is a good substitutes for non-fish eaters.
  • They are loaded with protein, again great substitutes for vegetarians.
  • They are also loaded with fibre and plenty energy hence a good healthy food for those looking to eat less and lose weight.



This is super simple healthy food especially Greek yogurt because it is loaded with enough protein that keeps you full for a long time.

Suitable for daily breakfast with Mueslis and cornflakes as below pictures shows and you can always be creative;


Last But Not The Least

Finally as these are my on going research, I will continue to pursue and post more healthy foods into the above list.

If you’r a women on a mission to burn fat then I recommend you read up this article here on 4 common dieting mistakes women makes. 

I hope this post helps narrow down your quest and if you have any comment or questions please feel free to comment on the box below. I will respond back to you immediately.



6 thoughts on “List Of Healthy Foods

  1. Claire

    Thanks for sharing. Nice to see healthy desserts on your list so I don’t feel like I am missing out on treats!

  2. derrall

    interesting list,
    not sure I fully agree with you
    for instance low fat milk is so heavily processed there is little to no nutritional value in what is left

    however, that being said, it is a learning process and I wish you all the best as you continue on your journey!

    1. Richard U. Post author

      Hi Derrall,

      Thanks for the observation and yes you are right but also as you will know in all things nutritional and in quest for a balance diets and meals, there is always a requisition for good amount of milk for healthy living.

      Be it in breakfast and other wise, there has to be good amount of milk and the important to milk can never be overemphasized

      Less processed milk may result to high in fat substances. Processed milk is a good close call and i am sure there are all other kinds of milk procession for different purposes.

      Thanks again for the insight and will like to hear more from you.

      Cheers !


  3. Clement

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    It sort of feels that you are doing any distinctive trick.

    Furthermore, The contents are masterpiece. you’ve performed a great activity
    on this subject!

    1. Richard U. Post author

      Thanks for the comment and yes I am using a very clean theme and I intend to keep it so for my readers. It is a skill that easily be picked up and I wish you all the best too.


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