How To Eat And Still Lose Weight With Metabolic Cooking

By | August 6, 2015

Looking To Eat And Still Loose Weight? Find Out Here!

As weird as it may sound, you can actually learn how to eat and still lose weight with metabolic cooking even though a lot of people have different opinions with lots of misconceptions out there.

I still get asked if it is really possible to achieve this and yet as simple as it may sound, the answer has continued to remain a far fetched wishes until now.

As it is no longer a must to under go some rigorous exercises in other to shed off some pounds, most people has come to discover a killer method of enjoying allhow to eat and still lose weight with metabolic cooking you can and still drop off some weight which sound really cool.

To most people it will be a dream come true and to some it will still be a mystery unsolved. The way I see it, there are two driving forces behind this.



First you need to believe that something is going to work and you have to make up your mind and be ready to embark on the process of making it work.

The problem with motivation in this context is that we all love food. I know because I do. And it will be detrimental to tell a hungry man to eat less so he can shed off some pounds especially when hunger has taken a better position in his empty stomach.


Act Of Actually Doing It

Secondly the idea of doing it is quit different from the actual doing it for real.  Most often than usual and if you haven’t noticed, we tend to eat more when ever we resolve to cut out certain food. It makes you only think about such food and you eventually end up eating it.

So why not indulge yourself on those food you love but prepped in certain way so that it does not affect your weight no matter how much you eat?

If this sounds good to you then please read along..


Why Metabolic Cooking?

Even though I am not a food guru, I can still understand why metabolic cooking can help achieve weight lose simply because the foods are prepped with such recipes that it can burn off fat so fast.

For example:

You see some cook book recommending high use of margarine, sugar, etc and even some telling you to mix match what food suit your mood for the day.

I usually go for foods that keeps my metabolism where it need to be because that is how I know that my body is burning off fat fast. I came across a recent work of Karine Losier and Dave Ruel the authors of Metabolic Cooking during the research of this post I was quit impressed.

They ‘ve managed to strip down all bull shits and corrected all misconceptions about metabolic cooking with full guides and well detailed recipes that are very user friendly.


Sneak Peek Into Metabolic Cooking

The following hot dishes of eager to eat mouth watering and I can’t wait to eat kind of foods are what to expect when you apply the metabolic cooking recipes in their book :-

metabolic foods

love my foods

eat healthy

No wonder they were featured in different TV shows and Foods and Fitness Magazines.

All these and many more are just a sneak peek inside what is contained in the metabolic cooking book by the authors.

These are the kind of food you will actually crave for and look forward to eating. No more smelly food that you may feel forced to eat simply because it promised to help you burn off body fat.

Another great fat burning recipes I have reviewed is Fat Burning Kitchen and you can read up my insightful review here

In conclusion I will say yes with the recipes found in this book, you can actually learn how to eat and still lose weight with metabolic cooking. I will continue to provide you with valuable information on my quest in healthy food pursuit. Feel free to leave me a comment or question in the box below and please help me share the heck out this post on your social network if you enjoyed it.




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