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Why Healthy Food Pursuit ?




I am sure by now you may have come across many works and much research done on what really constitutes healthy food eating or ones quest for it. I am also sure that you may have come across over a million conflicting ideas of what really makes up healthy food ?

We all understand what individual foods are healthy for us and those which are bad for us but still we do eat them anyway simply because they taste awesome.


The Questions:

But I have come to notice that despite all individual or collective reasons behind this, the only driving motive is to stay healthy and keep fit while being able to consume our favourite meals. If only one can find that magic formula that allows us to eat all things food and still maintain fitness and healthiness !!?


Take for example:

  • There are so many conflicting ideas out there today.  A vegetarian will tell you that meat is not a good food and still some one else will say you need certain proportion because you need protein.
  • Some people will say apples are good and some will say no they are not good for your skin.
  • Some will say bananas are good and some will say they are not.
  • Even some will say stay away from fish it has mercury. Hey I like fish and this is already confusing to me so what exactly should we eat to stay healthy ?


Something happened about 65 years ago that made people all over the world to suffer from cancer. What was it ? :-

  • Was it something to do with the changes in the way food is produced ?
  • Was it changes in the way food is preserved, especially highly processed food stuffs that are involved with poisonous preservations?
  • Was it carbonated foods ?
  • Was it the climate change ?
  • It is very difficult to prove or find answers to the above critical questions become most of these foods and processes may or may not have side effects e.g preservation food consumptions as above and  may not be immediately apparent but yet why would anyone make food that contains any kind of poison ?

Way Forward

I am sure today that everybody understands and believes that eating healthy food is the way forward and yet could be one of the factors contributing to the above especially processed food stuffs. But making the right choice and following your instinct can be a great way forward especially if you have a guide and plan with certain goal in mind.

Your healthy food goal can be to loose weight, to loose belly fat, to gain six pack abdominal muscles, to loose stretch marks after birth or to simply stay fit and happy, the point is to eat healthy. You alone understand your body system. What works for you may not work for others but you never know if you do not try.


I am not an expert in the medical field nor some guru out there but I know that eating healthy may not extend your life here on earth but surely pursuing healthy food eating can improve and enhance the quality of the life you still have.

I would like to hear your comments on the subject and if you have any suggestions that you think can benefit others please do share on the space below and I will respond to you.




4 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. Claire

    Hi Richard u
    You presentation is great. I will be regularly visiting you site for healthy food ideas
    I am interested in quick easy meals that contain a balance of ingredients from each food group. Would you be able to share any tips please

    1. Richard U.

      Hi Claire,
      Thanks for the comment and yes I will be sharing plenty of tips and then some. I use my experience as it suits me and I hope people can get some idea that can suit their individual healthy food pursuit. It is all about healthy eating and staying fit.
      Thanks for the question and watch out for more tips containing balanced ingredients from each food group.



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