Fat Burning Kitchen Review – My Unique Take

By | February 16, 2015


The Fat Burning Kitchen Review

fat burning kitchen ebook

Product Overview

Product name: The Fat Burning Kitchen

Product Owners: Mike Gear & Catherine Ebeling ;- Both Certified Nutrition Specialists.

Website: truthaboutabs.com

Price: $10 Overall Ranking: 94 Out of 100

Who It’s For: Anyone and Everyone Looking To Burn Body Fat Without the rigorous workouts


Introduction to The Fat Burning Kitchen

Fat Burning Kitchen is an eBook about nutrition written by Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling. It focuses on helping people burn their body fat by encouraging a healthy diet change. It does not rely on calorie counting.

Purpose Of This Review

I have always been an enthusiast of anything to do with eating of healthy food. In fact this site is dedicated to pursuing any kind of healthy food that is known to have improvement in our life and to improve our knowledge.

I also noticed that there is a lot of fuss going on about weight loss, how to loose weight and body fats and ways to loose fat both on and off line and most of these topics involve one sort of rigorous exercise or another. Most of them nearly impossible to attain.

Despite the emotional surge, many people actually achieve these goals but in various ways than the others. And a lot of people out there still need help.


Why Fat Burning Kitchen ?

why fat

That’s a good question but the fact is if one can achieve all these without the stress and still be able to eat normally, wouldn’t it be nice to share such an opportunity with you ?

Fat Burning Kitchen is about food nutrition that can help you burn body fat and contains healthy food recipes that will help achieve that.

Also I care about my readers and what you think hence I would be more than pleased to hear your thoughts and comments or even  suggestions in the space box at the end of this post.


Who Is Fat Burning Kitchen For ?

for everyone

  • Anyone looking to loose body fat
  • Anyone looking to loose belly fat
  • Anyone looking to eat healthy and still loose body fat.
  • Anyone who does not like rigorous work outs and workouts involved with loosing body fat.
  • Anyone who is dedicated to loosing body fat.
  • Anyone who is serious about loosing their body fat.
  • Any new beginner.
  • Any gender or age.
  • Every self disciplined dieter.
  • Anyone who is ready to give in 100% attempt to loosing their body fat.


Pros And Cons


1, The eBook is very easy to ready and understand.

2, The nutritional process there in are easy to follow and easy to implement without much external supervision.

3, The contents are well organized and packed with detailed transformation processes which include:-

  • Refined corn and flour food products,
  • High fructose corn syrup food and drinks,
  • Commercial pasteurized dairy,
  • Margarine/vegetable/trans oils, raw dairy milk and cheese,
  • High quality protein grass fed beefs and down to the transformation completion.

4, The Fat Burning Kitchen exposes some certain healthy foods that are actually unhealthy. As we all know, advertisers and food makers have a way or two of getting away with the regulations when it comes down to it and it will be comforting to know that hundreds of the food we consume regularly are not as healthy as the labels claims.

5, The recipes in the eBook (The Fat Burning Kitchen) were written by two expert nutrition specialists:

  • Mike Geary a renowned certified trainer and nutritionist. An author of a very popular eBook Truth About Abs.
  • Catherine Ebeling; a certified nutritionist

Obviously no one is 100% perfect in all things weight losses or has anyone found the magic formula yet.

But in the common sense of looking for help, one may tend to give a bit more trust to those who are qualified in the field with specialist experience. In this case Mike and Catherine

6, You will get incredible tips that will actually help you achieve a leaner and healthier body:- You will constantly find tips that will help you achieve your goals from the guides found in the eBook.

7, The Fat Burning Kitchen eBook does not only tell you how to but also shows you how this guide works. Mike and his team have provided a series of videos which can help you along the way with in-depth details for those who downloaded the eBook.



1, At some point you may find the guides in the eBook to be a bit too scientific to follow; but still very easy to read. I think the point here is; if you are serious about fat burning and dedicated to your goal, you will be able to push yourself through these hurdles as they are very vital to your success.

Besides the author has a support team ready to help you with any questions along the way in case you need any help .

2, Be ready to change your eating habits; which means you may have to completely change your diet or consumption habits.

The end goal here I think is to enable you to improve your metabolism process and to help keep your digestive system on track for the process of transformation. And if you are serious and dedicated to burning those fats I am sure it will be easy to adapt to.


What Tools Do You Need To Succeed With The Fat Burning Kitchen 24hrs Diet Transformation Plan ?

positive thinking

  • You will need to be dedicated to burning those extra pounds
  • You will need to be serious about burning those fats
  • You need to get the Fat Burning Kitchen eBook
  • You will need to be able to change your diet
  • You will need to be able to adapt to new consumption habits
  • You will need to stay focused about your goal
  • You will need to be ready to embrace the surprise when the transformation is complete (actually that is the fun part).


Summarized Overview

Product name: The Fat Burning Kitchen

Product Owners: Mike Gear & Catherine Ebeling ;- Both Certified Nutrition Specialists.

Website: truthaboutabs.com Price: $12.43

Overall Ranking: 94 Out of 100


the fat burning kitchen rank review chart


Final Opinion

In conclusion, The Fat Burning Kitchen diet transformation plan may be a bit too scientific, mind blowing and provocatively great nutritional guiding plan but I believe from the overall ranking above, people are actually getting great results.

Hence it is worth a trial and if you are serious and dedicated about burning body fats I would suggest you give these a try.

Wouldn’t you agree ?

Get A Copy Of The Fat Burning Kitchen eBook Here Now !! 


If you would like to leave your personal review or share your  experience or you have any questions please do leave them in the box below. I would love to hear from you and I will respond back immediately !

Also if you found this post in anyway helpful to you then please do share it on your social media so others can find help too. Wouldn’t you agree ?



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    I am currently breastfeeding my 6 month old and am unable to have regular chocolate as it upsets bub so carob has become my best friend!


    1. Richard U. Post author

      I totally agree with you and congratulations by the way it is not easy being a mum. Nevertheless, there great Metabolic Cooking you can still indulge with to eat all you can and never worry about loosing weight and still feed your baby very well.

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