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Max Gains Reviews – A Must Read Before You Buy

Max Gains Review

Among the few max gains reviews found on the internet, this is the one you may want to read before you buy. It contains everything you need to know about max gains both as brand and products.

Product Brand: Max Gains


What Does It Do?: Best Natural Anabolism Alternative (Natural Steroids)

Location: USA with sales outlet in the UK

Free Shipping: Yes Within the US On Orders Above 100

Research: FDA Registered Manufacturer With Strict Adherent to GMP Standard

Legibility: 100% Legal

Product Type: Natural Supplement

Support Contact: USA 1-888-455-9995, UK 004 020

Rating: 98% Out Of 100%

Purpose Of The Max Gains Reviews

  • To tell you all you need to know before you buy
  • Help you review their help and support service to see how effective they in dealing with complaints or anything associated with customer service satisfaction.
  • To help you make an informed decision on your own towards buying the product or not.

What Are Max Gains?

Max Gains is one of the market leaders in natural steroid alternatives. With superior products dedicated to improving size, aesthetic, strength and body function. Max Gain is the perfect sports performance product range. Max Gain has come a long way to fill the gap in the shortfall between having pain after a workout, low energy, less stamina, slowly gaining, joint pains, exhausted muscle gain, etc. People have been using chemicalized steroids as a quick way to fix the problem without dealing with it permanently. In the US for example, the use of steroids is prohibited because of their side effects.

This is why it is important to make sure that the product you are using is manufactured under the FDA approval and meets are regulation. Max Gains is your perfect choice. You will find wide varieties of legal anabolic steroid alternative with a guaranteed solution to every one of your work out problems.

Max Gains brand provides a legalized three step formulas that will help you gain 100% body weight by cutting down unnecessary fat for better muscle building.

Who Is Max Gains Product Range For?

  • For anyone serious about putting on major muscle size. (Bulking)
  • For anyone looking to maximize their workout with increased strength. (Strengthening)
  • Anyone interested in perfect products for shredding body fat and building lean mean muscles. (Cutting)
  • For anyone looking for other ways to optimize their supplement and maximize their strength. (Support)
  • For women wanting to put on muscle mass and increase strength. Sotulex is specifically designed for women.


  • All product ranges have pharmaceutical grade formulas
  • No prescription needed
  • Ingredients are all natural hence it is a natural supplement
  • No harmful side effects
  • No needles or injections needed
  • You will get lightning fast results
  • Free shipping in the US on orders over $100
  • Discreet billing and packaging
  • All product is made in the USA
  • You will receive a third free product when you order two
  • Easy to get help and support with a provided contact number in both the US and the UK


  • The products ranges are not for everyone
  • A not cheap range of product I must admit but I guess if it works, the price would not be a problem as long as it fulfills its promise. Which evidently does.
  • It is not an over the counter prescription. Hence, it is not in any drug store nearest to you.

Max Gains Bulking Supplement Range

Max Gains Review

Max Gain bulking supplements ranges from Anadroxin, Clenbulen, and Venabol for strength. Is putting on weight and size your objective? If yes then Max Gain bulking supplement is for you. It will help you put on the weight and size you need. The main aim here is muscle mass and it is the perfect product for workouts, athletics, and bodybuilders.
If you are looking for a clean and pure bulk supplement, to help smooth the journey of muscle growth, you may want to add Ajuga Turkest Extract Powder to your cart. Ajuga Turkest Extract Powder

Is it a muscle growth product from bulk and its main features are:

  • Muscle growth and recovery
  • Antioxidant
  • Pure herbal extract

Max Gains Cutting Supplements Range

Max Gains cutting supplement helps you cut those unwanted fats and lean out without losing your hard-earned gains. It is the best solution for anyone looking to trim their unnecessary fats and increase muscular vascularity.

Max Gains Review

The Max Gain cutting ranges are Venabol for:

  • High powered workouts
  • And for increasing workout stamina

Trenoven for:

  • Burning body fat
  • Building muscle
  • And increasing strength

Promolex is for:

  • Building mean and lean muscle
  • And for increasing muscle endurance

Max Gains Women Supplements Range

Max Gains Review
There are also muscle mass and increase strength products for women wanting to gain muscles. According to my findings, both Venabol and Clenbulen can be used by both men and women. But Sutolex is specifically designed for women wanting more results from their workout.

Clenbulen is for:

  • Increasing strength
  • Burning body fat
  • Building muscle

Venabol is for:

  • High powered workout
  • And increasing stamina

Solutex is particularly made for women who expect more. The special features include:

  • Burn body fat
  • High powered workout
  • Build lean muscle
  • Women-friendly formula
  • Gain muscle mass

How Safe Is Max Gains Supplement Range?

As a resource for a natural anabolic alternative, this review found out that its ingredient is all made from natural resources hence it has no side effect. But that said, I will suggest that caution is applied when using other prescribed supplements. Also, it is advisable to seek a medical expert advice if you need to before taking any new supplement.

That said, it is not chemicalized steroid. It is a supplement. A natural supplement and therefore has no side effect. The product is a hand-picked selection of support products geared towards complementing your max gain stacks. Below is a picture of before and after from one of the happy users.

Max Gains Review

Max Gains Delivers To The Following Countries

The following countries are where Max Gains can ship to effortlessly

Max Gains delivers to 26 countries worldwide. Check the table above to see if your location is among the countries they can ship to.


Below is the Max Gains trending activities on Google Trends for the past five years.

max gains review
For the past years, the activities or trends associated with the brand max gains have been very interesting if not impressive. As you can see, the volume of activities or what you may call google trends on the name have been a busy one. These may be made up of what people are saying about the brand, what search volume is going on about the brand, how purchase, demand, and supply associated activities are portrayed.

One thing to take home from the above statistics is that Max Gains is making an impact. It has more uptrends than down and it is still drawing attention on the internet till date. Usually, this is a positive impact and any professional brand manager will tell you it is a great thing for the company.

Now let us look at what region the Max Gains brands are mostly talked about and or what country most buy the product.

max gains review
Canada is the major mature market for the products followed by the US and UK with 90% and 57% market share respectively. I always use these statistics to measure how much a product a service weights before my review force descends. And from the look of it, Max Gains is definitely a force to be reckoned with across the globe.

Max Gains Help And Support Review

The most important part of every review I do is to critically evaluate the customer services or help and support associated with any product or service I want to review. It is a huge part of my review as I will want my readers to know what they are getting before they even make any decision to buy or not to buy.

I will work you through Max Gains help and support review so you know what to expect if you need help with anything or want to return an item or you need a refund for a purchase made.

max gains review
First, you have the US mail office and a toll number 1-888-455-9995 to call if you are in the USA and need help with anything. Second, you have the UK physical office you can actually work in if you need help with anything. And also a landline number to call if you need help or support with anything after sales.

Thirdly, you can also drop them a message on the contact page with your name, email and phone number so they can reach you when as soon as possible. But we all know this method of support usually takes time with many companies although Max Gains will surely get back to you but with few delays.

What I usually do is contact them on their number and try to speak to physical human being with any issue. That way you can get results quicker and faster.

Another way of getting help faster as I have noticed during my customer service review is their live chat. max gains reviewYes! They have a dedicated live chat support system powered by Live chat allows you to immediately talk to somebody about anything you need help with. Now is a very powerful free messaging application that lets you chat live with your website visitors. Yes, it is free but for Max Gains brand to put in the effort to provide one for their client and visitors, it means they are dedicated to helping visitors and customers maximize your customer satisfaction.

Lastly, you would like to know that Vita Balance is the parent company that owns and distribute Nutra offers found on HealthTrader. HealthTrader is a global health trading network platform that is co-owned by Vita Balance. HealthTrader network platform also provides HealthTrader affiliate program that can allow anyone to make extra income online. Hence, if you are looking for a way to earn more money in health industry while delivering value to your readers and customers, this is the best platform for you.

In terms of returns or refunds, it is all done and handled by Vita Balance 24/7 dedicated customer service team as stated in the above address in the picture. They have customer services in three major time zones to ensure timely response to every need. The company is very transparent and that mainly because their main purpose is to be a leading health product e-commerce company, not a free trial pop up shop like many other nutra brands you may see who hide behind their websites with very bad or zero customer services. It is a good feeling to know that when you spend your money on something, you know there is reliable help and support team should you need any help to go forward.

Max Gains Review – My Verdict

As I said earlier, customer service review is very important to me when it comes to reviewing anything. I must make sure to test the help and support to ensure that my readers will be getting what they are promised. I have taken the same step with this Max Gains review and my verdict for this Max Gains review is definitely is 98% out of 100%

Finally, in this Max Gains review, I have shown you why it is a must read before you buy. I have shown you everything you need to know before you buy. I have also helped review their customer service team and shown you how to get help and support with anything if you need one. Now, if I am missing anything or if you have any question or comment please do so on the box provided below. And I will surely get back to you. Also, do you mind helping me share this post on your social network so other will be aware? Thanks in advance.

FAQ About Prosolution Plus

Common Questions About Prosolution Plus

faqs about prosolution plus

A lot of guys are asking questions about ProSolution Plus because they’ve heard you can use it to help premature ejaculation. Before it used to be questions mainly about prosolution pills ingredients, prosolution private clients and do prosolution pills work? But today with the new upgrade of prosolution plus, below are answers to some of the more common questions that usually come up.

Before we continue, please always feel free to contact the makers of ProSolution directly too, at 1-866-621-6886. They’re available seven days a week and well into the early hours of the morning.

What is ProSolution Plus?

ProSolution Plus is a natural, non-prescription enhancement supplement for men designed to increase sex drive, help erectile issues and make sex more enjoyable. You can use ProSolution Plus as an ongoing supplement to help you have spontaneous sexual encounters when ever you like.

Who is Prosolution Plus Intended For?

It is intended for men age 21+ who want a rewarding sex life, with less premature ejaculation, erectile issues and higher overall quality of life.

How is ProSolution Plus different than ProSolution Pills?

Same manufacturer, same name and understanding of the male anatomy and the same 60 day money-back guarantee. ProSolution Plus has a different formula though, designed to address specific bedroom problems – premature ejaculation among them.

I heard that ProSolution Plus can help reduce premature ejaculation. Is this true?

Yep. ProSolution Plus is a powerful formula of ancient herbals, vitamins, minerals and nutrients from Chinese and Ayruvedic medicine used for centuries to help male vitality. The formula is proven to improve erectile issues by 67%, sexual satisfaction by 78% and premature ejaculation by 64%.

Can I still take ProSolution Plus to increase my sex drive?

Yes. ProSolution Plus is proven to help guys increase sex drive and stamina in addition to offering natural help for premature ejaculation.

How quickly does it work?

Quickly. The nutrients can take up to three months to build up in your system and your body to put them to use, but when they do, you’re always ready for play time, with spontaneous sex and performance. Most guys see results faster than that – typically in less than two weeks.

You’ll most likely hit your stride with ProSolution Plus between three and six months. And when you do, it’s awesome. Keep using ProSolution Plus because you only enjoy its benefits while you supplement.

What’s In ProSolution Plus?

Herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients used for thousands of years to help men perform better, with sexual health, stamina, bigger erection size and natural help for premature ejaculation. ProSolution Plus borrows the best of these ancient schools of wisdom in highly researched and strategically dosed formula. Check out their full list of ingredients at

Do I need a prescription to buy ProSolution Plus?

No you don’t. ProSolution Plus is completely natural, with no pharmaceuticals.

Is it safe?

ProSolution Plus is all-natural and most guys have no problems with it at all. Speak with your doctor if you’re concerned that it might interact with any pre-existing conditions or medications, but generally speaking, you should be fine.

Is it discreet?

The company is really discreet with your purchase. The charge on your credit card shows up as “leminternet” and the packaging is from “Leading Edge“. Customer support is really good too, and they’re highly trained and sensitive to your concerns.

Do they guarantee the product?

Yes – ProSolution Plus is guaranteed for a full 60 days, giving you plenty of time to try the product, see results and return the product for a refund minus a shipping and handling charge in the off-chance you don’t like the product. Very few guys return ProSolution Plus because they just love it.

Prosolution Vs Vigrx Plus; What is The Different?

The both products are clinically proven to high quality pills that works. They both offer a 67 day money back guarantee and that is not all. The only difference is that; Vigrx Plus works by mainly increasing testosterone and the supply of blood to the penis which enhances sperm quality and production. This means that all the ingredients found in Vigrx Plus focuses all their power on strengthening the penis. You can read up a review of Vigrx Plus and Prosolution Plus review here for more details. Both products works very well in combating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation as well.

Can I buy ProSolution Plus at a discount?

Yup, they offer discounts on higher packages, which is good because you’ll want at least a six month supply for best results. You might also get free bonus gifts depending on the package you buy, and receive free shipping to any address in the continental United States. Head over to for more information.

What if I have further questions about ProSolution Plus?

Call their customer support team at 1-866-621-6886. They’re really discreet and are available 7 days a week to answer any and all questions you might have about the product.

Any Disadvantages of Prosolution Plus?

None that i can think of other than

  • It is only available online
  • There is no bulk discounts
  • It is highly in demand hence stock finishes often before the nextlot of stock comes in.
  • The cost is high in comparison to other competitors out there, however the product works and people are seeing significant results.

How Do I Take Prosolution Plus?

Prosolution plus formula can be taken every day as a daily supplement. The overall recommendation is for you to take two pills twice a day, for at least 14 days period. After that drop it to one tablet twice a day with a glass of water during food. One tablet can be taken one to two hours before sex in regards to extra vigor. This must be after the 14 days regime.

Where Can I Buy Prosolution Plus?

faqs about prosolution plusYou can buy prosolution plus by going to the official website. The picture on your left is how the official website looks like and you can click on the image to visit the site directly. You can place your order from any part of the world and have it delivered to you. They have faster delivery within the system for a small added premium if you want, or you can choose the usual delivery. All is designed to get you in record time. With 100% discreet billing and post plus you can enjoy up to 20% discount when you order with same day dispatch.

As with everything in life, there is always room for improvement and I can say that the above lists are not all there is about the product as more questions will surely be asked about prosolution plus. I will continue to update this so please if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop them in the box below and I will get back to you immediately.

Review of Prosolution Plus: You Must Read Before Buying

This review of Prosolution Plus will reveal everything you need to know about Prosolution Plus, how it works, what their customers are saying, and how to order it. It is definitely a must read before you buy.

Product name: Prosolution Plus


What does it do?:

  1. Prosolution Plus is clinically proven to improve premature ejaculation by 64%
  2. Prosolution Plus is also a top rated male libido supplement.

This review of Prosolution Plus will be looking at who the product is intended for? How much does it cost? And where to buy Prosolution Plus as well as what ingredients go into making it?

The review will also be looking at values associated with using the product, how long it takes to actually see results? And what guys like or don’t like about Prosolution Plus?

How much does it cost?

  • One month package = 1 Box of Prosolution Plus at a one-time purchase of $69.95
  • Two months package = 2 Box of Prosolution Plus at a one-time purchase of $119.95
  • Three months package = 3 Box of Prosolution Plus at a one-time purchase of $164.95
  • Four months package = 4 Box of Prosolution plus with free erection system website access at a one-time purchase of $209.95
  • Five months package = 5 Box of Prosolution Plus + free tube of Prosolution Gel + free erection system website access + free shipping within the USA at one-time purchase of $254.95
  • Six months package = 6 Box of Prosolution Plus + free tube of Prosolution Gel + free erection system website access + free shipping within the USA at a one-time purchase of $299.95
  • Twelve months package = 12 Boxes of Prosolution Plus + free volume pills of semen enhancer + free tube of Prosolution Gel + free erection system website access + free shipping USA only at a one-time purchase of $429.95

Product format: The product is a daily supplement. Each box contains 60 tablets which are a months supply.

Who is Prosolution Plus for?

  • Men aged 21 + who want a rewarding and satisfying sex life, with less chance of premature ejaculation, erectile issues and a higher overall quality of life.

This is not ProSolution Pills – it’s ProSolution Plus. from the same maker but a different formula. Guys buy ProSolution Plus because it’s a natural remedy for premature ejaculation. Your sex drive will like it too, actually, because simply put, it’s also one of the best natural male libido supplements.

Some background information on ProSolution Plus: the company launched the product in 2013 for guys who continuously wrote in about this troubling issue. With premature ejaculation affecting up to 30% of guys – and just how much it lowers satisfaction and quality of life – the demand is huge.

Do you suffer from premature ejaculation or just want to boost your sex drive? Here’s the verdict.

Should I Buy ProSolution Plus? Yes!

Quality, value, respect, and discretion. You get them all with ProSolution Plus, considering the company has been around for over a decade. That’s not an easy thing to do in the male enhancement industry because most products are garbage and offer nothing for guys who need help. ProSolution has outlasted pretty much all of them. And ProSolution Plus is the result.

In a clinical study, the ProSolution Plus formula improved premature ejaculation by up to 64%. Now read that again, starting with the part about ‘clinical study’. Very few male enhancement supplements take the time or expense to actually test their product. ProSolution did, and YOU benefit from their efforts, with natural help for premature ejaculation, erectile problems, and low sex drive.

So, yes or no? Um, that’s a huge YES – buy ProSolution Plus! And here is a Doctors recommendation you can read up for more comfort and details.

Looking at overall customer reviews of Prosolution Plus based on actual purchase and user experience, let us see what I found on eBay statistics about the product.

eBay Customers Review of Prosolution Plus

customer review of prosolution plus

Now the statistics above are based on recent activities from just one eCommerce platform only. It has nearly 5 stars with 75% of people who will recommend it. It also has 75% of people who found it works with good results and 75% who are happy with the quality of the product.

The above is a pretty great statistics about Prosolution Plus and the numbers are still coming in. I suppose the remaining 25% who said it doesn’t work are those who are either too eager to see results, expecting a penis enlargement overnight or have little or no patience to actually stay on at least the three months prescription.

Now let’s take a look at what guys like and don’t really like about the product. Again these are based on user experience and outcome.

What Guys Like About ProSolution Plus More

review of prosolution plus

ProSolution Plus is pretty much the only major natural enhancement supplement that can help guys with premature ejaculation. Now couple that with other factors, like:

  • it’s clinically proven to improve erectile problems by up to 67%
  • it’s proven to increase sexual function by up to 48%
  • it’s proven to increase sexual satisfaction by up to 78%
  • it’s completely NATURAL
  • you don’t need a prescription to buy it
  • the company has an excellent reputation

That’s just to start with. Throw in excellent value, discretion and a reassuring 60-day money-back guarantee don’t be surprised if ProSolution Plus one day becomes the best-selling male enhancement supplement for guys – sooner rather than later.

What Guys Don’t Like About ProSolution Plus

Most guys are smitten with ProSolution Plus, but there’s always room for improvement, but if you really want to look for drawbacks, they include:

  • it’s sometimes sold out
  • it’s a different formula than ProSolution Pills

Don’t let that last point get you down too much. Both ProSolution Pills and ProSolution Plus have EXCELLENT formulas. For proof of that look no further than their client testimonials or frequently asked questions and clinical results. If you love ProSolution Pills so much that you don’t want to stray from it, stick with ProSolution Pills. But if you want natural help for premature ejaculation, try ProSolution Plus.


They’re awesome. ProSolution Plus blends:-

  • Asian herbals
  • Amino acids
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals and nutrients from Chinese and
  • Ayurvedic medicine, including Tribulus Terrestris,
  • Withania somnifera,
  • Asteracantha longifolia and shilajit. The latter is a mineral wax from the Himalayas with over 85+ minerals and vitamins. Exclusive ingredients with awesome results.

Like ProSolution Pills, ProSolution Plus is all-natural and doesn’t require a prescription. They’ve really put the time (and probably a lot of money) into crafting a powerful formula that also happens to be a very darn good libido pill. In other words, it’s great for reducing premature ejaculation – AND it’ll supercharge your sex drive too.

How Long For Results?

You’ll feel results from ProSolution Plus within a week, and enjoy less premature ejaculations and an increased sex drive shortly after. Most guys hit their stride with ProSolution Plus between three and six months. You’ll need to keep using ProSolution Plus for the best results. The sex will be more than enough to make you realize that ProSolution Plus is an investment in your happiness and enjoyment of life.


ProSolution has always offered awesome value, and ProSolution Plus is no exception. Buy a larger package – you want to do that because your body needs time to put the nutrients in ProSolution Plus to work – and you save big, with huge discounts and extra goodies.

The product is already a crazy huge bargain because you’re getting two products in one: a natural remedy for premature ejaculation and a very good male libido pill. The bigger the package, the more you save, and free gifts you receive. Some packages also come with free shipping to any address in the continental U.S. Check out their website for more specifics.

For more details about PE, you can read up about how to control premature ejaculation here on the website and also find a thorough review of the product that is responsible for the cure.

Where To Buy Prosolution Plus

To ensure you are buying from the right source, this is what the product main website looks like:-review of prosolution plus

Below are the different buying options available on the order page. The reason for breaking this down to the simplest form is because I have had a lot of question regarding how to buy Prosolution Plus and where to buy Prosolution plus from my readers.

Among these are options to choose from and you can choose from a one month’s supply pack to up to a 12 months pack order.


  • One month pack = 1 Box of Prosolution Plus at a one-time purchase of $69.95


  • Two months pack = 2 Boxes of Prosolution Plus at a one-time purchase of $119.95



  • Four months pack = 4 Boxes of Prosolution plus with free erection system website access at a one time purchase of $209.95


  • Five months pack = 5 Boxes of Prosolution Plus + free tube of Prosolution Gel + free erection system website access + free shipping within the USA at a one time purchase of $254.95


  • Six months pack = 6 Boxes of Prosolution Plus + free tube of Prosolution Gel + free erection system website access + free shipping within the USA at a one time purchase of $299.95


  • Twelve months pack = 12 Boxes of Prosolution Plus + free volume pills of semen enhancer + free tube of Prosolution Gel + free erection system website access + free shipping USA only at a one time purchase of $429.95

And this is what the order page looks like, which ensures you are buying from the right source:

where to buy prosolution plus


What This Means To You

Hope for guys with premature ejaculation, more sex for guys who want to naturally boost their sex drive and an awesome product for all men. ProSolution Plus brings legitimacy to natural alternatives to prescription pills, giving you the very enjoyable ability to have spontaneous, highly satisfactory sex whenever you like. Buy ProSolution Plus and your life just gets better.

In Conclusion

I hope this review of Prosolution Plus has enabled you to gain more understanding of the product before you make any purchases. By now you know what Prosolution Plus is, who it’s for, what ingredients go into making it, where to buy Prosolution Plus, how to buy it to avoid fakes and what customer reviews say about the product.

The product offers a great number of advantages with zero side effects, credit to the combination of ingredients which are naturally effective. The makers have an excellent 60 days money back guarantee if you are not happy. You will also be offered bonuses and free stuff with great savings if you take up to a six month supply pack. Not only that, you will see more permanent results with at least the six months packs.

I will be adding more updates to this post but in the meantime please feel free to comment below of your experience from using the product or any questions that you may have.

How To Control Premature Ejaculation

Controlling Premature Ejaculation

how to control premature ejaculation

How to control premature ejaculation can be traced back to what causes premature ejaculation in the first place. The cause of PE can be caused by either biological or psychological reasons such as extreme arousal, over- sensitive penile skin, infrequent sexual performances, hyperactive reflexes, fear, performance anxieties, guilt, and or the inflation of the prostate or urethra due to excessive substance use.

This is an awkward and controversial topic and one which lots of men either do not want to talk about or shy away from discussing it. And yet, they  are quietly seeking help on how to control it.

The below comments on the how to control premature ejaculation is a good example of how serious the problem is:

hiw to control premature ejaculation


Premature ejaculation or PE is generally acknowledged as one highly feared sexual problem among men. It usually has far-reaching consequences, often affecting to a certain degree the relationship that a man has with his sexual partner.

Medical practitioners, including sex therapists, often give varying premature ejaculation definitions, usually disagreeing on what actually constitutes PE. Nevertheless, the general agreement is that, as a dysfunction, it occurs in men either on a consistent basis or during particular periods of their lives. Either way, when premature ejaculation takes place much too often and begins to severely affect relationships, appropriate solutions need to be explored.

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation simply refers to the act of ejaculating a bit too early, approximately several minutes after sexual intercourse has commenced, and either before there is penile penetration or shortly afterwards. Most men feel that the dysfunction is something that they cannot really control, particularly among younger men who naturally lack sufficient sexual experiences.

Older men generally have more control over their ejaculations, but during certain periods in their lives, especially when they encounter problems of every kind, they can also experience premature ejaculations.

How To Cure Premature Ejaculation Permanently

The dysfunction is largely treatable, but most men, sometimes even women, are either not aware of it or are simply too shy to bring it out in the open and discuss it with a trained professional for fear that they will be ridiculed or mocked. Having the courage to admit that one has premature ejaculation issues is usually the first important step to treating the dysfunction. From here, the next step is to seek medical help so the causes of the dysfunction can be properly identified and the most appropriate treatment can be recommended.

A number of medical studies reveal that the dysfunction is actually learned or conditioned, often starting among younger men who, because of fears of getting caught, try to speed up the process of sexual intercourse. This causes them to ejaculate much too early, and this behavior tends to persist over time, resulting to consistent premature ejaculations, even as the men grow in age.

If PE then is learned or conditioned, then the general assumption is that it can likewise be unlearned or unconditioned. This is usually the goal of most premature ejaculation treatment programs. By and large, these programs are effective, especially when conducted under the supervision of a trained and certified sex therapist. However, a number of men find the sessions too long at times, not to mention the fact that complete strangers having the same problem are also taking part in the program. When these factors are present, patients usually try to explore other avenues to resolve their PE problems. Preferably, they look for solutions that are quick and easy to follow like using certain sex pills.

Using special pills to address premature ejaculation problems in men is not an entirely new thing. Men have been making use of them for years as they offer faster solutions to their PE concerns. Even certified medical doctors recommend these so-called sex pills to men suffering from a variety of erectile dysfunctions like premature ejaculation simply because they find them to be largely effective. What makes these sex pills such a potent premature ejaculation weapon can be traced to the ingredients that they contain. Many of these have chemical contents, such as those found in medications classified as anti-depressants. Popular brands are collectively called SSRI’s or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors.

Largely used in treating cases of depression, SSRI’s have recently been found to be effective as well in addressing premature ejaculation concerns, although this particular healing property of the drugs appears to be more of a normal side effect rather than anything else. Nevertheless, various doctors found them to be quite useful and have started prescribing them to affected men.

Other noted sex pills, meanwhile, contain purely herbal ingredients that are known to have sex-enhancing qualities. Herbal ingredients contained in several sex pills have the basic advantage of being pure and natural, and ostensibly carry no adverse side effects, unlike their chemically based counterparts.

Herbal-based sex drugs have recently gained immense popularity as more and more people are beginning to realize the benefits that one can get from taking pure and unadulterated substances. Even the medical world, which previously was hesitant in making use of natural herbs to treat certain human dysfunctions like premature ejaculation, has begun to realize the true value of herbal plants.

Using Sex Enhancement Pill Like VigRX Plus To Get Rid Of PE

Several herbal-based sex drugs are now out in the market, competing for a still generally untapped market, and the leader of the pack is VigRXPlus. This particular sex-enhancement pill boasts of having all-natural ingredients, basically extracts of various herbal plants that have long been known to help man gain more power sexually and even get rid of common sexual dysfunctions like premature ejaculation.

Specifically, extracts from plants like the Cuscuta seed and the Ginkgo Biloba have been included in every bottle of VigRXPlus™ along with other popular herbal products, making for a truly potent sex pill. Cuscuta seed happens to be particularly effective in addressing premature ejaculation concerns, while the Ginkgo Biloba is said to be capable of increasing blood flow in the vascular region that can ostensibly help improve penile erections.

VigRXPlus™ happens to be just one of many all-natural-based sex enhancing drugs currently trying to attract the attention of concerned men, but it claims to be the safest and the most effective among other similar brands. You can read a full review of the products here. And a visit to its official website, should effectively tell if its claims are true.

A List Of Healthy Foods That Could Boost Your Sex Life

  • Oily Fish like Salmon is rich with Omega 3 which helps improve dopamine levels that helps increase blood flow to the brain and body
  • Always go for foods that are rich in Vitamins B, B1 and B3 that helps with blood flow to the skin and organs as well as good boost with orgasms.
  • Tuna, brown rice, chicken, oats and black beans all contain good measures of Vitamin B1.
  • Don’t forget the most and powerful source of Zinc, selenium and magnesium which are very important in boosting men sperm production. Rich pine nuts for example is rich in zinc and can easily be served on salads as a complimentary.

I hope you gained knowledge on how to control premature ejaculation from the above and finally get to cure it.

The topic of PE is an ongoing one and much areas are still open for further research. So far VigrxPlus has made progress in controlling and finally curing premature ejaculation more than any product out there. So you can now enjoy a happy and satisfactory sex life with your partners.

A Vigrx Plus Review

Does It Really Work? Find Out Now

Product Name: Vigrx Plus



  • 1 Month pack = $76.99
  • A2 Months pack = $143.99
  • 3 Months pack = $205.99  + Free shipping USA only
  • 4 Months pack = $267.99 + Free shipping USA only
  • 5 Months Silver pack = $329.99  + Free shipping USA only
  • 6 Months pack Gold pack  = $384.99 + Free shipping USA only
  • 12 Months Platinum pack = $489.99 + Free shipping USA only

Product Format: Daily Supplement with each box containing 60 capsules for a month supply.

Who Is Vigrx Plus For?

The product is suitable for men aged 21 to 60 who:

  • Want bigger, harder and longer-lasting erection
  • Wish to diminish the physical effect of aging on their sex lives
  • Want to improve their erection quality and control
  • Want to enjoy a bigger appetite for sex with more intense orgasms
  • Want to improve and maintain their relationship with good sex and maximum satisfaction.

Active Ingredients Used in Making Vigrx Plus

  • Saw Palmetto which improves health and overall performance
  • Ginko Biloba which treats impotence and enhances erection in male.
  • Asian Red Ginseng which stops impotence and prevents premature ejaculations in male
  • Cuscuta Seed Extract that helps build a healthy sperm
  • Epimedium which boosts blood flow down the penis, enhances erection, increases sexual
  • Damiana which has penile blood boosting qualities
  • Tribulus which now boosts testosterone levels

Purpose Of Vigrx Plus Review

The aim of this review is to test:

  • If the products actually works
  • If how long does it take to actually see results
  • What customers who bought and use the product are actually saying
  • Pros and Cons
  • Where to buy vigrx plus

Does Vigrx Plus Actually Work?

A clinical test run by Vigrx plus clinic on this product revealed:

  • 62.82% increase in the ability to maintain erection during penetration
  • 58.97% increase in the ability to penetrate partner
  • 22.49% increase in quantity of orgasms
  • 47.00% increase in sex drive and desire
  • 71.43% increase in sexual and intercourse satisfaction
  • 61.00% increase in overall sexual satisfaction

Overall Vigrx Plus Actual Results shows:

a vigrx plus review

For more clinical details of various tests run on Vigrx Plus, please go here

Then again it depends on your usage. A pack contains 60 capsules which serve you for one month. The above results were based on a 12 week trial period. If you give it a trial with the one month supply pack, you may see a small result but nothing significant. Again this depends of your body system.

For permanent results one may have to stick to the 12 weeks or more period as tested above. For faster results, you may also include a combination of one or two supplementary exercise techniques or products like pro extender enlargement system

But before we continue, lets find out what customers who has actually bought and used Vigrx Plus are saying about it.

Vigrx Plus Customer Reviews

In this overview, I will be looking at both critical and positive reviews as this will help me deduce full users perception.

a vigrx plus review

Again as with every business, the above reviews usually come from the company website of which by all accounts are satisfactory. But for the purpose of this research, I would like to dig deeper, into other source of testimonies to find what other comments have been made about the products. And the best place I usually find to look is Amazon.

Vigrx Plus Customer Reviews Amazon

vigrx plus reviews amazonAs at when this article was written, there are hundred and one customer reviews of the product on amazon platform. Among these are 47 positive and 71 critical reviews. These are reviews from people who have actually bought and used the product. At first, I found this result quite interesting until I looked further to see why.

a vigrx plus review

The facts that 40 people actually bought the product and have seen results is a huge sign that the product actually works. And this numbers are still growing.

vigrx amazon review

For the fact that 71 people actually bought the product but are not totally satisfied with the result is yet a good sign that the product is creating an impact.

Then as I dug deeper into these customer reviews, I found more answers as seen below:

vigrx reviews amazon

Now If you can remember earlier, the purpose of this review was to test if the product actually works and the method of this test is by looking at the customer perspectives.

One may draw a hash conclusion here and now that Vigrx Plus may or may not work judging by the above findings alone. Then again 40 positive reviews out of 71 critical reviews cannot be totally wrong. This means that going forward, something is missing and this research need to find the balance.

On that note, let us look at this one particular review. Not that it matters much but the fact that it may form path of the missing puzzle may proof otherwise.

a vigrx review

Now that may be the review that balances the equation. The reviewer is an Amazon customer. He wasn’t even following the prescription and yet he has seen results. He took his time and was patience and the results came out successful. It may be that the other 71 critical reviewers are in a hurry to see results or expecting the product to work over night but not. Hence the critical reviews. If Vigrx Plus works for him then the 40 positive reviews found on Amazon cannot be wrong.

Let us look at another giant eCommerce platform like eBay and below are one of the reviews that is worth looking at:

vigrx plus review ebay

This time the customer actually turns out to become a distributor of the product after using it and experiencing tremendous results and improvements on his penis size. One does not take such a bold step if they are not sure what they are selling actually works. Experience is the best teacher I am sure you will agree.

Let us look at Google trends and see what traction the product has been making for the last 5 years for example.

Vigrx Plus Google Trends For The Last 5 Years

vigrx plus google trends 5yrs

Quit a lot of activities over the past 5 years and the trend is still growing on the graph. Now by looking at these statistics, does it look like the product is not working? If it is not working then why is it still blowing off the chart for the past 5 years as measured above? The level of activities within the measured years has been steady, mostly at 100% and never below 50% and the numbers are still coming in.

Now let us take a look at Vigrx Plus interest by region as seen below

vigrx plus trends by region

Source Google Trends

Again this is quite a large region of people who are either talking about the product, likes the results, using it or interested in it. To further break these regions down, the blue regions are the area of people who are interested in the product and the darker blue are the regions with heavy interest in the product.

They are as follows:

  • USA has search interest of 22
  • Canada has search interest of 18
  • Brazil has search interest of 11
  • Peru has search strong interest of 100
  • United Kingdom has search interest of 18
  • Pakistan also has strong search interest of 97
  • India has search interest of 24
  • while Indonesia areas has good search interest of 45

Again these number changes with time as the wider interest of the product continues to grow in the future. But as at today and now, this is what it is. And quit impressive numbers too.

Pros of Using Vigrx Plus

  • First, it is endorsed by a medical expert. Dr Steven Lamm openly recommended Vigrx Plus as the main male penis enhancement product and a must have. He is the one in the picture above and you can click on it to read more.
  • When it comes to men issues, Vigrx Plus is one of the top rated male sexual health supplements in the industry
  • Full dosage prescription and instructions on how to use it are fully provided
  • There is an official website so you know you are buying from the right source.
  • It has a world wide recognition and interest across the globe.
  • There are positive reviews with real results from people who are happy to share their testimonies
  • You can have a proper and firmer penis
  • It has been tested to improve girth.
  • Longer-lasting erections has been widely reported as this research continued to find
  • It leads to intense orgasms
  • The ingredients are well detailed and explained so you know exactly what goes into making the product.
  • Vigrx Plus product contains 100% real organic ingredient meaning zero side effects.
  • There is a chance of getting special rate and discounts when you purchase from the official website. And there is also a money back guarantee too.


  • It is not a quick fix solution
  • Be prepared to be patient and use at least a 6 months supply for permanent results
  • It is more expensive than other similar competitors but if it works and gets lasting results, price might just be nothing compared to happiness
  • It is not available in any physical store department near you. It is only available online.
  • The results may vary from person to person and so does the effectiveness. Again this depends on body type and how patient you are with staying on dosage for  at least 6 months..


From the above accounts, all you see here are real facts. From the findings on this research and as a social constructionist, I was able to deduce the following:

  • There are lots of emotions associated with people looking for help around the subject of men issues.
  • There are lots of activities going on around the subject product.
  • There are lots of reviews associated with the use of the products.
  • The products actually works depending on dosage and body type. For better and more permanent results, it is discovered that a 6 months supply order can guarantee great results.
  • Patience is a virtue when in comes to using the product. For it to work and for you to see real results, you have to follow the prescription and stay on at least 3 to 6 months dosage.
  • It is not a quick fix solution to penis enlargement. If this is what you are looking for then you will be disappointed.
  • There is a good chance of someone selling you an imitation or fake product due to high emotions associated with the product. Always read the labels carefully and make sure you buy from the official website to be safe.
  • This research also found out that there is absolutely nothing to lose in trying the product. If you do not get results within the test period of your free trial, you get a full refund.

Where To Buy Vigrx Plus

As  a cautionary note, always make sure you buy the product from the official website and i will tell you why.

  1. If you go back to the Amazon reviews as mentioned earlier above, you will notice that one of the reviewers warned folks about buying fake from different source. Indeed this research discovered that if you buy yours and there is white powder coming out from the sachet then it is fake. If you open it and there is a hint of greenish powder then it is the original. To avoid any of these and be safe, always make sure to buy from the official website.
  2. There are lots of fake website out their on the internet with intent to sell you lesser quality products in the name of Vigrx Plus product. Always be watchful and read the labels. Again make sure you buy from the official website. As these other source cannot guarantee you returns of money after payment. Let alone deliver the product as promised.

The picture on your left is what the official website looks like. So now you know. vigrx plus official website Due to the product popularity and world wide acceptance, there are always every tendency of you falling victim of your own fear. And as such, scam artists may prey on this fear and sell you bogus product in the name of the real thing.

Below is link to the official website and you can order your own free trial from today. For international shipping, yes you can order the product and have it delivered anywhere such as UK, USA, Canada, Peru, Brazil, Australia, Pakistan, India, Singapore, China, South Africa, West Africa, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Mexico, etc You name it. All you have to do is click on select language at the top of the official website and it will be delivered to you appropriately.

So have you tried Vigrx Plus yet? Did you get the required results? Are you happy where you are? Or do you think having the product will make things better? Let me know by dropping a comment or two on the box below and I will get back to you immediately.

vigrx best picture



4 Common Dieting Mistakes Women Make

The 3 Week Diet

4 common dieting mistakes women makes

If you’re a woman on a mission to burn fat, there’s a good chance you are making one or two of these common dieting mistakes along the way. I see it time and time again and yet, few women ever actually crack the weight loss code.

It really doesn’t need to be as complicated as it seems. By learning what these mistakes are, you can quickly put them behind you and get on track to seeing better results.

Common Dieting Mistakes

Let’s look at four fat loss mistakes you need to be aware of. This mistakes can be regarded as old school to you but believe or not, it is still here and women still make these mistakes every day.

Starvation Diets aka Self Deprivation of Food

If 1400 calories is good, 1000 must be better, right?

Well wrong..!

Your body needs fuel to burn fat properly. As strange as it may sound, if you cut your calories back too far, your body will just cling onto what fat it does have, making further fat loss feel impossible.

You want to use a moderate calorie deficit, like the guidelines set forth in the 3 Weeks Diet plan as this will ensure that your metabolism stays revved and you keep burning fat.

You won’t achieve anything by over starving yourself in the name of weight loss.

Unable To Plan Ahead

As simple as it sounds it  is very true.

Another big mistake many women make is failing to plan ahead. They think about their next meal about an hour before that meal takes place. Often, this is because they’re busy and just don’t have enough time to do all that cooking.

If you want to see results, however, you need to plan ahead. The trick is using a weight loss program that doesn’t call for overly complex meals that mean you spend hours each day in the kitchen.

No woman can handle that — you have a life to lead.

But, with a diet plan that makes planning ahead simple, you will stand a much better chance of sticking with your menu. You should never wonder ‘what to eat’ when hunger hits or you’ll be tempted to eat something you shouldn’t. I mean any food within your reach.

This is very common and not just to women alone.

Over Doing Cardio Training

If there’s one thing that most women have in common, it’s hours spent on cardio machines. While some smart cardio training (such as sprint training) can be beneficial for fat loss, you really don’t need to chain  yourself to the treadmill, bike, or the elliptical.

In fact, doing so can do more harm than good.

Instead, what you need is a basic weight training program that focuses on key lifts that make you stronger.

Check out The 3 Weeks Diet workout program if you need assistance in this area. This program will go over the top calorie burning exercises that will firm and tighten your body while helping you melt fat quickly.

Also there is a huge 70% discount available on the 3 Week Diet program on this page if you follow this article to the end.

Moving on to the next big mistake women makes…

Over Complicating The Process

Finally, the last big mistake that many women make is over complicating their program. They find a diet plan that has a million rules and regulations that they must follow and then wonder why they aren’t sticking with it and it’s not working.

Simplicity is best. With a few smart guidelines that you can easily implement into your life, you can be on track to seeing superior results.

Fat loss isn’t rocket science. It all boils down to fueling your body with the right food choices and amount of energy to encourage the release of energy from body fat cells.

The 3 Weeks Diet plan will explain how to do this without feeling like you need a Ph.D. in diet lingo.

Watch the video below and see how this plan actually works and the results you can expect if you apply yourself to the plan from today.

So keep these mistakes in mind. If you see yourself making any of them, make a few changes and get yourself on track to seeing better results in the future.

Stay on the course and feel very happy about yourself and what you have achieved as it will be obvious that you are going to see results.

This program is not some cook book or some diet pills you will need to be popping into your system without knowing the full ramification of its side effects.

It is an easy to follow set of simple manuals. You can read more about the diet plans here on this site.

To Get Rid Of Those Stubborn Body Fat..

3 week diet deal

Your Order Is Secure

3 week diet secured order

Weight Loss Tips

60% of women in world population are concerned about weight loss. Among this number, 73% of them are aged 25-34 years old while 27% of them are aged 35-44 years old.

California is most fit conscious state in the US. Cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego are steadily in the top ten most fit conscious cities in the world.

Exercise and eating healthy are generally considered the “right” way to lose weight.

Dieters often recognize that changing dietary habit is necessary.

38% of US household have a member dieting for appearance reasons (vanity). While 23% are dieting for health reasons.

Although there is recognition that losing weight can require effort, deprivation is not an appealing idea to anyone.

While some people are more motivated than others, some are more health oriented than others.

But in overall, people do not want to feel bad while trying to lose weight. Source: 3 weeks diet

The 3 Week Diet

Click on the image on your right side now if you want to read more about how this program works and how it can help you lose weight faster.

Also you will find what people are saying about the program after implementing the plan.

Your journey to losing 21 pounds in 21 days can start now if you are ready to take action.


The purpose here is to help you find what is working and help you avoid those that is not working. Every decision is yours. Some link here are directed to other page on this site while some are directed to the product vendor. Any purchase made via this post will not cost you anything extra. But the little commission made will help us maintain this site so that we can continue to provide you with valuable content.

How To Lose Weight 3 Weeks Diet

The 3 Week Diet

The 3 Weeks Diet focuses on three main components to help dieters lose unwanted weight, diet well, exercise, and mindset.

Dieters learn what to eat when to eat and how to eat to lose weight. They also get supplement and exercise tips to speed up their weight loss even more.

Finally, they develop the mindset, or willpower, to lose weight and keep it off. The 3 Weeks Diet was developed by health and nutrition coach and personal trainer Brian Flatt. Brian is the owner of R.E.V. Fitness, a personal training facility based in Southern California.

What To Expect When You Apply 3 Week Diet Plan

NEW YORK, NY / October. 6, 2016 – At a time when many believe that you have to choose between “fast weight loss” and “safe weight loss” a new breakthrough diet is allowing people to lose up to 23 pounds in just three short weeks.

The 3 Week Diet

With such amazing results, it’s no wonder that the diet has quickly become popular among celebrities who often need to lose weight fast for a movie role or music tour. One such celebrity, Selena Gomez, used the diet to lose 20 pounds in just three weeks.

But diet creator Brian Flatt points out that the diet isn’t just for celebrities.

“This diet has proven effective for thousands of people,” said Flatt, who is also an experienced nutritionist and personal trainer from Southern California. “It doesn’t matter if you are an ‘average Joe’ or a celebrity the diet can work for you – that’s because the diet doesn’t require you to spend hours in the gym or to buy expensive shakes, replacement meals or supplements.”

Called “The 3 Weeks Diet,” Flatt’s plan focuses on breaking down harmful triglycerides, which become that stubborn body fat that is so incredibly difficult to eliminate.

There is a massive 70% discount on this program waiting for you if you follow this post to the end.

How 3 Week Diet Works

“Triglycerides can be targeted and broken down into fatty acids that are burned by the body for energy,” Flatt said. “Actually, when we break down triglycerides, it’s kind of like dumping rocket fuel into your vehicle’s gas tank. They provide the body with a great source of energy.”
The 3 Week Diet
In addition to attacking triglycerides, The 3 Weeks Diet also:

Corrects bad weight loss information that dieters receive on other plans
Provides dieters with a simple, easy-to-follow weight loss plan. Studies have shown that difficult plans that include counting calories or extensive exercise programs simply don’t work because people don’t stay on them.
“When I sat out to create this diet I wanted something that produced fast weight loss because quick results inspire a person to stick with the plan and I also wanted something that was so easy anyone could do it,” Flatt said. “All the incredible success stories that we are receiving is an indication to me that I accomplished my goals.”

Another big difference between The 3 Weeks Diet and other diets is that it also reduces, and even eliminates, cellular inflammation, which is another major cause of weight gain, and it seeks to control hormones that can keep a person from losing weight no matter how dedicated they are to “eating less and exercising more.”

To learn much more about The 3 Weeks Diet and see if it could be what you need to lose stubborn fat, please click here.

Overview of What 3 Weeks Diet Does In Just 21 Days

  • 2-3 sizes drop in dress size
  • 12-23 pounds reduction in body fats
  • Increased energy
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • Decreased cellulite
  • Increased muscle tone
  • 2-4 inches from waistline
  • Healthier hair
  • Faster metabolism
  • Healthier skin, etc

The plan is a diet system that contains:

  • An introduction manual
  • A diet manual
  • A workout manual
  • And a mindset and motivational manual

Together these manuals form a full, easy-to-follow system that produces real weight loss and as a result, is having a dramatic positive impact on people’s health around the world.

Like I always mention on every post, my purpose is to help you find the right way to eat and stay healthy. Hence my motto which is fitness starts with healthy food.

This product plan does not involve any of those pills that have saturated the market with zero results. This is a workable and applicable plan to which anyone who is serious about weight loss can implement starting today. It is based on results from people who have actually put the plan to work and then seen it yield results.

Take Advantage Of The Massive 70% Discount on The 3 Week Diet Program Now!

And start losing those stubborn body fats…

3 week diet deal

Your Order Page Is Very Safe And Secure

3 week diet secured order

Always stick to what is working for you and follow the plan and monitor your results. There is so much information out them on the internet that talks about weight loss. The key is finding one that works. That is why this site is dedicated to finding the things that work and presenting it to you so you can make an informed decision.

You can also read about the top 4 common mistakes women make when it comes to weight loss or dieting to lose weight. The article is an eye opener and I hope it helps you gain more insight into doing the right thing when you start your weight loss journey.

Who is Brian Flatt?

Brian Flatt is the creator of the breakthrough
weight loss program The 3 Week Diet, which is a science-based approach to weight loss that helps people melt away an average of 21 pounds of stubborn body fat in just 21 days.

Flatt, now 44 years old, started his fitness career as a professional trainer, weight loss coach, and nutritionist. As he became well-known in Southern California and demand for his services soared, he opened his own personal training facility called R.E.V. Fitness, which he still runs today.

List Of Healthy Foods

List Of Healthy Foods You Should Be Adding To Your List apple-19309__180



Raisin bran cereal (“high in Fibre”) is one of the healthy breakfast cereal you should be targeting on your breakfast list due to its natural fat free fruit contents.


  • Always read the ingredients on the labels.
  • Have a look at the Nutrition facts panel.
  • Pay less regards if the natural sugar from the fruit content is a bit higher because real fruits like banana and raisin are ok.

Milk – Fat Free Milk In Particular

fat free milk

Why Fat Free Milk ?

Because they are fat free and also our primary source of vitamin D and calcium which translates to healthy bones for everyone.


  • Much research indicates that low fat or non- fat milk can help reduce risks of heart disease and diabetics (Type 2).
  • Can be used to re-energise after exercises.
  • You can consume it by itself or you can used it with cereals, etc

Chia Seeds

cia seeds

The reason to pursue this healthy food is because they help guard against heart diseases, arthritis, and  inflammation as they are found to contain plant omega-3.  They can be consumed by gently scattering the seeds on a salad, cereals or even bread.

Meat – Lean Meat In Particular

lean meat

Meats are our best source of protein (high protein) and also magnesium, zinc, iron, vitamin A and vitamin E. Lean meats are less saturated in fats and cholesterol.


  • Remove all fats before cooking.
  • I would prefer grilling or roasting for maximum results.
  • For beefs, go for round steak, chunk shoulder or lion ( top to be precise).
  • Read label to make sure they are low in fats.
  • Keep it fresh during prepping and wash with clean cold water to maintain its natural state before cooking.



Tomatoes are very popular fruit that has contributed to many down line soup recipes all over the world.

Just at a mention of tomatoes alone can trigger a thinking which can generate 10 different kinds of soup recipes in 100 different cultures across the world put together.

That is how popular tomatoes can be.

Apart from popularity, what makes tomatoes so special are that they contains huge number of nutrients which includes vitamin A, C, and K.

Tomatoes also has been found to help reduce cholesterol and swellings and has been connected to contribute towards healthy heart.


  • Can be eaten fresh.
  • Can be mixed in a salad.
  • Can be used to make soup, stew, and hundred other recipes you can think of.
  • It can be added to anything eatable.

Kidney Beans


Kidney beans are great healthy food meaning they are  rich in iron and protein which makes it best meat exchange for vegetarians.

They are high in fiber which reduced cholesterols and are packed with magnesium and potassium which helps maintain blood pressure.


  • They are good energy food
  • Can be eaten after a thorough work outs for energy replenishments.
  • Great protein food source and good substitutes of protein for vegetarians
  • They are good for chili dishes and also vegetarian dishes.



Broccoli as we all know is a member of vegetable family that is beneficially associated with “against cancer” due to its botanical name (“cruciferous” if I am correct).

It looks freshly rich in a dish and it’s supper easy to prepare.


  • It is high in Fibre and hence great substitute for those who are not into raisin bran cereal for fibre supplements.
  • Can be used as weight loss food supplements.
  • It has been found to help lower heart diseases and control blood pressure to normal.



Obviously when you talk about dieting for weight relating reason and keeping physically fit, the first food item that comes into mind is apple. Or may be its just me !

Anyways, the point is that  apples’ are “the perfect diet food” of all times as many people knows and they contributes a lot towards our healthiness.

Much research indicates that contained in their skin are some compound that are super beneficial to our health. It can be enjoyed in many ways.

All you have to do is be a bit creative and there are various kinds of apples out there you can enjoy.



Again Bananas as we all  knew are high in fibre and are very popular foods on the go class of healthy foods which is enjoyed by probably everyone you now.

Most important characteristics of bananas are that they help us with proper digestive system and muscular functionalities.


  • They are great source of potassium which helps keep watch on our blood pressure.
  • They can be enjoyed in may ways. All you have to do is be a bit creative.
  • Example dish is a banana, kiwi, apple and strawberries with flying spray of chocolate for a perfect dessert as can be seen in the picture below;

banana, strawberries kiwi and orange




Salmon is one of the great healthy food class, my favourite kind of fish because it is very rich in omega-3 and vitamin D which helps keep our heart safe.

You can read my thorough indebt review about salmon and loch trout fish 0n my about healthy food page on this site.

Plus you can pick up a two or three recipes tips on how to cook and get the best out of it.

That is my way of saying thank for visiting my site.

Black beans


Black beans are very popular among different diets and are very cheap and less stressful to prepare.


  • They have few trace of omega-3 which is a good substitutes for non-fish eaters.
  • They are loaded with protein, again great substitutes for vegetarians.
  • They are also loaded with fibre and plenty energy hence a good healthy food for those looking to eat less and lose weight.



This is super simple healthy food especially Greek yogurt because it is loaded with enough protein that keeps you full for a long time.

Suitable for daily breakfast with Mueslis and cornflakes as below pictures shows and you can always be creative;


Last But Not The Least

Finally as these are my on going research, I will continue to pursue and post more healthy foods into the above list.

If you’r a women on a mission to burn fat then I recommend you read up this article here on 4 common dieting mistakes women makes. 

I hope this post helps narrow down your quest and if you have any comment or questions please feel free to comment on the box below. I will respond back to you immediately.



Slimfy Review – My Insightful Take

Slimfy Review You Must Read Before Buying


Name: Slimfy


Overall Rank: 98

Who is it for: Everyone looking to loose weight and increase libido


Product and Price:

Stage 1 Detox and Weight Loss: $87.30 (£55.21)

Stage 2 Enhanced Weight Loss: $87.30 (£55.21)

Stage 3 Weight Loss Maintenance: $87.30 (£55.21)

These prices are, if you buy direct from the website.

Amazon prices are:

Slimfy Stage 1 – $97.00 (£61.35)

Slimfy Stage 2 – $97.00 (£61.35)


Its not always easy to lose weight these days and finding the right products, guides or recipes to help you lose weight has always been a challenge. But Slimfy claims you will definitely need a new pair of jeans after trying their products.

While this Slimfy review goes into detail of why it works, it also gives you an insightful take on their business process.


Purpose of Slimfy Review

In this Slimfy review, i intend to:

  1. Bring you an insightful take on why there is so much noise about the Slimfy weight loss program
  2. Explain their business process
  3. Reveal some proven statistics
  4. Explain how Slimfy product ordering works
  5. Sum up the Pros and Cons
  6. Give a cautionary note
  7. Summarize and review slimfy and give my verdict


Summary of Slimfy

The company (Slimfy) is located in Fort Lauderdale FL. The brands official aim is to “enhance the quality of life”. The ingredients contained in their products are :- Saffron Extract. Ginger, Green Coffee Bean, Milk Thistle, Hydrangea, Raspberry Ketone, CoQ10, African Mango, Green Tea Extract, Resveratrol, Lychee Fruit and Caralluma Fimbriata.

At this point, all you want to know is if Slimfy is THE solution to your weight problems? Well it all depends on trials and tribulations associated with trying to lose weight.

My research here indicates that a lot of folk do not agree with slimfy from the sales and marketing point of view, but a lot do find real solutions from actually using the products. Click Here for a special offer if you want to give it a try.

Slimfy weight loss supplement depends on three stages to help you complete the process of losing weight. These are :-

Stage One – Slimfy Weight Loss and Detox

Stage Two – Slimfy Enhanced Weight Loss

Stage Three – Slimfy Weight Loss Maintenance


  • Company contact details are readily available to anyone
  • 90 -day refund policy
  • Quantities of ingredient clearly revealed
  • Most of the ingredients has been tested scientifically
  • Their website is easy to navigate and product ordering is made simple
  • Claims to speed up fat loss, boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite, increase your libido, and energy as well as you being happy with the results.
  • Claims to utilize three kinds of formulations to help prevent your body from building a tolerance to the active ingredients.
  • You are encouraged to post picture before and after so you can see results as well as get refunds if need be.
  • There are no major side effects reported
  • There are people who actually reported weight loss results
  • People who are concerned about re-bill cycle were still able to cancel their payment agreement.


  • Expensive product although may not be a problem for those who really want to deal with weight problems for good.
  • The refund policy is only applicable to unopened bottles, though the terms and conditions clearly state that, meaning you have to read.
  • There are a lot of negative comments about their business side of things although those who experienced great results from using products are not complaining at all.


How Slimfy Product Ordering Works

Now this is very important as it’s the major area where complaints are coming from. Although there are not many complaints from the actual usage of the products as my research indicated.

According to their customer service department, “the shipping payment for the introductory Kit is only $4.77 for US customers and $16.29 for international customers. This is never advertised as trial.

They offer to give their customers a Free Stage 1 with this offer and all other information is provided on their website regarding payment. You can cancel this at anytime. Both Stage 1 and 2 will last for 60 days and you also have to pay for shipping costs.

You will automatically be re-billed for Stage 3 within 60 days after your initial order if you like the product and decide to continue to stage 3. If not, all you have to do is call back and request for cancellation of your order. Simple as that.

The terms and conditions are simple. Most folk who have complained on other sites I have seen either did not bother reading them up before purchasing or simply did not understand the terms and conditions agreement.

All this information is clearly indicated on their website.

Go Here for a Special Deal and start your journey to a successful weight loss from today!

You are not being charged anything in the beginning other than the shipping”. If any one needs more information on how this works you can always call them on a toll free 855-5SLIMFY (855-575-4639) or a local number +1 (305) 587-2230

Their Customer Services Department is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm Eastern standard Time


Is Slimfy Weight Loss Program Safe for Me?

Like any weight loss pill out there, any pill can cause side effects and some with greater or lesser side effects depending on the number of ingredients. The indication here is that it is safe but how ever watch out for these side effects:

  • Increased need to urinate
  • Nausea
  • Gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach upset or cramps

In addition i would like to point out that most side effects if not all may turn out to be a good sign that the product is actually working. And also these side effects are just usual when going through a detox cycle as you may remember.

For example:

Ingredients in Slimfy like green tea and green coffee bean extract contain certain amount of caffeine in them which may cause side effect especially to individuals who are highly allergic to stimulants.

But so far there are no official report on this effect and Slimfy is definitely not exempted.  Nevertheless, the great thing they have done in addition was to be very transparent on their website about all side effects and you can read them up at any time.


Cautionary Note:

  • Do not take if breast feeding or pregnant
  • Always seek a medical advice prior to taking
  • Avoid if you suffer from stomach problems already
  • Do not take if you are caffeine or stimulant sensitive
  • Always read the label and small print
  • If you are diabetic, do consult your doctor before use


My Verdict on Slimfy

I must say it has been quite an experience researching for this review. I came across comments on the internet about Slimfy that make a very interesting read. Some of them not fair enough and most of them quite good and honest comments from customers.

Most of the not so fair comments come from the pricing side of the business. And i must agree that the product is very Pricey. But what isn’t in life. Its Pricey because it is a quality product that actually does deliver great results and there are a huge number of customers who are very happy to testify just like below:-

slimfy review

Source: Amazon


slimfy review facebook

Source: Facebook

The statistics above are a simple fact that proves Slimfy is doing very well in delivering weight loss solutions across the globe. The 76 positive reviews with just 15 critical reviews to date from Amazon is just enough facts to send the message home.

Also the 25, 983 likes and counting on their facebook page is word enough to tell you that their product is working and delivering value.

Apart from been rated as one of top weight loss supplements in the USA, also evidenced from thousands of customers across the globe, the following reasons are why I will rate Slimfy “APPROVED” as a best buy:

  1. No known side effects reported
  2. The product targets three key areas (fat burning, detoxing, appetite suppression, energy, and maintenance)
  3. 90 days money back guarantee
  4. Works as seen on television
  5. All natural ingredients
  6. Thousands of satisfied customer can hardly be wrong.

I also noticed during my research that most people said they don’t get immediate results after taking the pills. I then noticed that Slimfy Stages involves three part stages process to complete the best results out come although this depends on your motivation to lose weight.

Example of Slimfy Stage One at work:

Slimfy Stage One  is just all about “Detoxing” and “weight loss“. Not sure about you but i believe hydrangea and milk thistle are highly needed in body detox process. Therefore making this stage all about Detox, no more no less.


Where To Buy Slimfy

You can buy Slimfy from various retailers and accredited online distributors but not your local weight loss or slimming out fit close to you. To take advantage of a better deal and enjoy a good discount, i will suggest that you purchase directly through Slimfy’s official website.

Please visit its official website by Clicking The Link Below to purchase Slimfy weight loss package that suits you.

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I hope this Slimfy review has helped answer most, if not all your questions?  If not please do leave me a comment below if you have any and i will do my best to get back to you immediately.

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The sole purpose of this post is not to make commission from sales. It is to help you understand what is out there that can help and how to go about it. The link here may lead to other posts on this website. Others may lead to vendor/s site and if purchases are made, a small commission will be made of which we are grateful. This helps to pay for things like research, hosting, security and other costs that helps keep this site running.




How To Eat And Still Lose Weight With Metabolic Cooking

Looking To Eat And Still Loose Weight? Find Out Here!

As weird as it may sound, you can actually learn how to eat and still lose weight with metabolic cooking even though a lot of people have different opinions with lots of misconceptions out there.

I still get asked if it is really possible to achieve this and yet as simple as it may sound, the answer has continued to remain a far fetched wishes until now.

As it is no longer a must to under go some rigorous exercises in other to shed off some pounds, most people has come to discover a killer method of enjoying allhow to eat and still lose weight with metabolic cooking you can and still drop off some weight which sound really cool.

To most people it will be a dream come true and to some it will still be a mystery unsolved. The way I see it, there are two driving forces behind this.



First you need to believe that something is going to work and you have to make up your mind and be ready to embark on the process of making it work.

The problem with motivation in this context is that we all love food. I know because I do. And it will be detrimental to tell a hungry man to eat less so he can shed off some pounds especially when hunger has taken a better position in his empty stomach.


Act Of Actually Doing It

Secondly the idea of doing it is quit different from the actual doing it for real.  Most often than usual and if you haven’t noticed, we tend to eat more when ever we resolve to cut out certain food. It makes you only think about such food and you eventually end up eating it.

So why not indulge yourself on those food you love but prepped in certain way so that it does not affect your weight no matter how much you eat?

If this sounds good to you then please read along..


Why Metabolic Cooking?

Even though I am not a food guru, I can still understand why metabolic cooking can help achieve weight lose simply because the foods are prepped with such recipes that it can burn off fat so fast.

For example:

You see some cook book recommending high use of margarine, sugar, etc and even some telling you to mix match what food suit your mood for the day.

I usually go for foods that keeps my metabolism where it need to be because that is how I know that my body is burning off fat fast. I came across a recent work of Karine Losier and Dave Ruel the authors of Metabolic Cooking during the research of this post I was quit impressed.

They ‘ve managed to strip down all bull shits and corrected all misconceptions about metabolic cooking with full guides and well detailed recipes that are very user friendly.


Sneak Peek Into Metabolic Cooking

The following hot dishes of eager to eat mouth watering and I can’t wait to eat kind of foods are what to expect when you apply the metabolic cooking recipes in their book :-

metabolic foods

love my foods

eat healthy

No wonder they were featured in different TV shows and Foods and Fitness Magazines.

All these and many more are just a sneak peek inside what is contained in the metabolic cooking book by the authors.

These are the kind of food you will actually crave for and look forward to eating. No more smelly food that you may feel forced to eat simply because it promised to help you burn off body fat.

Another great fat burning recipes I have reviewed is Fat Burning Kitchen and you can read up my insightful review here

In conclusion I will say yes with the recipes found in this book, you can actually learn how to eat and still lose weight with metabolic cooking. I will continue to provide you with valuable information on my quest in healthy food pursuit. Feel free to leave me a comment or question in the box below and please help me share the heck out this post on your social network if you enjoyed it.