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By | January 26, 2015

 How To Cook Salmon fillet And Loch Trout Portion


Over the years, much research has shown that both salmon and trout can be cooked interchangeably as they both belong to the same fish family and  are available as fillets. They can also be found in various parts of the world.


Locally Sourced And Popular Cuts


T. Loch Trout Portion


Skinless and Boneless Salmon Fillet


The above shows a skinless and boneless salmon fillet and T. Loch Trout portion sourced from the fishmongers counter at my local supermarket.


First Approach

Firstly wash both fish in a cold water to preserve the freshness and originality. Then place in either cooking pan or pot which ever suit you.

For the purpose and aim which is healthy food pursuit I will be applying steam cooking in order to ascertain any healthy food result  at the end.


Aim Of The Cooking Experience

  • For pursuance of healthy food
  • To ascertain best taste of both fish
  • To identify any differences or similarities by using the same cooking method.
  • To ascertain flavors
  • To identify healthy food needs and attributes


These recipes below are my special formula intended to achieve i.e rich flavored mild chilly dish of fresh fish soup that I believe can help  burn body fat. It is an enjoyable eating experience and it works for me.

Now I must once again emphasis that I am not a guru of any sort or in possession of all things medical skills. This is not medical advice. I am only sharing my experience as it works for me.  And if it works for you please do share this page and help others. Below are the few recipes I used:-

  • One half glass of water with both fish in a cooking pan depending on the size of meal and number of fish fillet and portions
  • Hint of salt
  • Hint of grounded black pepper
  • Little spray of mixed herbs
  • Almost 1/4 quarter tea spoon of very lazy chopped chilies (very little)
  • Hint of rich aromatic spice
  • Hint of cinnamon
  • Again depending on the size of meal, quarter fish cube not half cube in this case.
  • And depending on the size of meal half onion in this case



The cooking method is a very simple process as you can deduce from the above recipes.

  1. Put both fish in a cooking pan after washing them with cold water. You do not need oil as both are fairly oily type of fish.
  2. Place cooking pan with fish on a cooker, turn it on and position down the level to number three. Not too slow and not too fast to done. You want a steady and well done cook.
  3. Apply the recipe ingredients vertically down except the cinnamon and the onion.
  4. Cover the pan and allow to steam for ten minutes.
  5. While you waiting for timer, peel and chop down the onions to desired sizes and ready your cinnamon.
  6. At ten minutes notice, open the pan and apply hint of cinnamon and the onions as shown in the picture below;

How to cook salmon and loch trout


Finally cover and wait to steam cook for another ten minutes which will allow the mild hard back of loch trout to properly cook well. You can stare turn both fish in the  pan with a spoon at interval, once or twice within the last ten mutinies of cooking.



At the final timer switch off the cooker and remove the pan from the cooking point and place the pan to a neutral point and half open the cover to let some steam out before you ready to serve.


Ready To Serve And Enjoy a Tasteful Dish of Fish  And Soup



Salmon and Trout Soup Dish




  • A very fresh and healthy looking dish.
  • Tastes luxury and superbly wonderful.
  • Both fish tastes almost the same. The only dissimilarity is the look.
  • All ingredients blended well and cooked to proportion.
  • The timing of the cooking allowed absorption of both water and fish oil.
  • Both are very soft to chew with the soft onions which were applied later.
  • Serve mild hot not too cold as to enjoy most rich flavors of the dish.


Healthy Food Result From The Experience

Apart from all the great nutrients which you can get from fish eating that which salmon and trout has in abundance, I noticed that the soup went down well with my system. Especially when served and eaten mildly hot. Not too hot and spicy like most people are afraid of. Just proportionally to normal mild hot fish and soup dish.

A few days later when I went for my usual jugging session, I noticed lots of differences which included more strength and sweat which means more calories are burned and thus helps keep me fit.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions or even better ideas please do comment on space below. I would like to hear from you and I will respond to your comment immediately.




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